sobota, 1 lutego 2014

Making cool galaxy backpack

How to make cool galaxy backpack from old used one:

Simple and elegant wedding cards making guide

Very useful video tutorial for all couples:

Inspirations for a retro wedding on a marine theme

Since here again major holidays and the desires of fine sand and blue waves, it is an opportunity to embark on a new thematic week. As already mentioned, the "retro" term can be according to your desires, the theme of your marriage and/or his style; It is thus possible to organize the atmosphere of your day (J) on a pastoral theme, travel or even cinema by choosing an old style instead of modern. All this week, because here again the summer, so let's look at the different aspects of a marine theme thought in a retro style, starting today by evoke different thematic options that should satisfy your cravings for originality.
Ahoy sailor!
Codes and the symbols of the Navy in a 40's ' 50s atmosphere; program: Navy Blue, red and white, but the gold, sky blue, mint green, orange and golden yellow; also anchors, marine knots, compasses, buoys and boats, monochrome or scratched